Sorrento - Destination Wedding

In May I had the opportunity to work alongside a great videographer and fantastic guy, Paul Van, on my first destination wedding.

I had wanted to do this since I started working as a wedding videographer, but never had the opportunity.

I left home at 3 a.m. to catch a flight from Gatwick to Naples, and after a 3 hour bus journey from the airport, I finally arrived in Sorrento.

I dropped my luggage at the hotel, and I wondered around the streets of this beautiful place.

The big day was everything you would expect of a dream wedding with a fantastic backdrop of the Amalfi coast.

Looking at the sunset into the sea was a breathtaking way to end the day.

Little did I know that after 5 months from this incredible experience, I would have the chance to go on another adventure with Paul. Next stop, Marrakech, Morocco.

And now, I so look forward to filming my 2017 destination weddings booked so far in my homeland, Tuscany, Italy.

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