You wish you could bottle the light. You wish you could live inside all those smiles forever. You want to stay lost in the glistening eyes of your one true love. You want time to stand still.

Long after your special day, it will be your wedding video that will bring it all rushing back to you in the most powerful, beautiful way. You’ll see and feel it all again, and again. You’ll have your wedding on film to treasure forever.

Borgo Stomennano // Tuscany // Adrienne & Ross


A wedding videographer you can trust to capture your special day

I’m Daniele, and I’m based in Surrey, UK, just outside of London. I film weddings in perfectly picturesque settings in the UK and in Tuscany. I am overjoyed to work with couples who are excited to live the day they have dreamt about for a long, long time. Weddings bring us all together in love - your love for each other, your families’ love for you both and my love for film-making and giving you this meaningful keepsake.

My experience inspires how I work 

I know from personal experience how special and important it can be to have your wedding filmed well. My and my wife’s wedding was one of the most important days of our lives. Sadly, we lost my father quite suddenly, just three weeks after the wedding. Luckily, we had professional video footage of the whole day. I am so happy and touched every time I see our wedding reel. I love to see my new wife’s shining face anew, to hear those speeches again, and to just have it all come flooding back to me. It was also the last time our whole family was together with my father. These events had a big impact on my decision to do wedding videography full-time.

All the moments you loved, and the ones you missed.

I’ll meet with you before your day, to get a better sense of you as a unique couple and for what special elements you may be looking for. On the day of the wedding, I take as much time needed to get the footage. I stay as natural and unobtrusive as possible throughout the preparations, ceremony, reception and late night. I shoot and edit the story in a cinematic style that is also real, never posed or phony. This is the film you and your families will cherish for the rest of your lives.


The Hurlingham Club // London // Elaine & Tom


I invite you to check out some of my VIDEOS and to be in touch if you like what you see.

2020 Travel dates so far:

May: Lake Garda // Tuscany

June: Tuscany

July: Tuscany

August: Spain