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Destination Wedding Videographer // Relais Borgo Scopeto // Siena // Amy & Joe

Venue: Relais Borgo Scopeto

Wedding planner: Grace Wedding

Photography: Laura Barbera

Amy & Joe got married at Relais Borgo Scopeto, in the beautiful countryside just outside Siena.

The weekend started off with a welcome BBQ.

Borgo Scopeto is a typical Tuscan estate with delightful views of the famous city of Siena which is only a few minutes away.
The Borgo has been beautifully restored and has all the elegance of yesteryear. From this corner of paradise you can see the Mangia Tower and Siena’s cathedral in the distance behind the gentle rolling hills.

On the wedding morning, a proper rain storm came, but it didn’t affect the spirit of Amy and Joe at all. They were determined to enjoy their wedding day with friends and family no matter what. Wedding ceremony had to be moved inside, but fortunately the sun came back out again, and the wedding reception carried on outside with the magical view of Tuscan countryside.

Destination Wedding // Villa San Crispolto Wedding Video // Annabelle & Oisin

Annabelle & Oisin got married in the beautiful Villa San Crispolto, in Umbria, on a hill overlooking Lake Trasimeno.

What are you excited for on the wedding day?

We can't wait to be husband and wife, we've been together for 7 and a half years and engaged for 2 and a half so it feels like it's been a long time coming. We also can't wait to have so many people we love in the same place. 
We're all so busy so it will be fantastic to have everyone relaxed in the sunshine and share some special memories with those who mean the most to us. We are also really excited for the party - we have A LOT of young people coming to the wedding and they love to have a drink and party, so we've put a lot of effort into the music and making sure it's a great one - which we can't wait for

The Venue? … Why did you choose this place above anywhere else?

When we were trying to decide what to do about a wedding we thought about where we'd been at our happiest and made some of our favourite memories, and the answer always came back to being on holiday with our families. We had enjoyed an amazing holiday to Italy in 2014 and been desperate to go back - and we knew our families would love it. We didn't expect so many friends to come as we know abroad weddings are an expense but we have been so blessed in that everyone has been so keen to come. The villa itself is beautiful, Marco our wedding planner has been amazing and made it all so stress-free. We also wanted to hold the wedding somewhere we could relax for the whole week with everyone and extend the celebrations.

Destination Wedding // Poderi Arcangelo, Tuscany

Louise & Adrian // Poderi Arcangelo, Tuscany

Louise & Adrian got married in the beautiful Tuscan countryside. Poderi Arcangelo is a stunning venue in between San Gimignano and Certaldo. Them and their families came all the way from Ireland to celebrate this special day.

Photography: Domenico Costabile

You guys?.… What do you do?.. .. What’s important in life?: Adrian is a cancer research scientist and Louise is a primary school teacher. Adrian is extremely passionate about science. Important to us in life are our work, and having close connections to our family. We both enjoy food, travelling, movies, hiking. We are Game of Thrones fanatics :-)

What are you excited for on the wedding day?: We are both mainly excited for having all of our loved ones, spending a relaxed day in their presence. We are looking forward to showing our commitment to each other to all those we care about. And we are also looking forward to the beautiful Italian food and wine!

Why do you want to capture your wedding on video?: We have heard that the day goes by in a flash and that the bride and groom miss so much. We would like to see as much of the day as possible and also to relive the moments over time. Especially to look back in years at the people that were there with us.

The Venue? … Why did you choose this place above anywhere else?: A friend was at a wedding here and highly recommended it. It seemed to fit our vibe for the wedding - relaxed, family run, rustic, beautiful countryside.

What experience do you want to give to your guests?: For some of our guests it is quite an ordeal to travel to the wedding. For some of them, they have not been on holidays in many years. So we would like the guests to enjoy a stress free, relaxed, fun filled weekend.



Destination Wedding // Villa di Ulignano, Tuscany

Thank you so much!! We love the video! It's just perfect. It's a perfect memento of our day. You've summed it up beautifully! This is so special to mike and I and our families. Your work is one of the highlights of our whole wedding. The video is incredible. It's edited so beautifully and thoughtfully - truly unlike anything I've seen before. You captured the day perfectly



Faye & Mike got married in the beautiful Villa di Ulignano, in the Tuscan countryside.

They got to share their day with their gorgeous baby Oliver, family and friends. Their wedding was memorable, here is the story of their special day.

Vendors and special thanks:

Wedding planner: Martina from Italyweddings, special shout out for her professionalism and for organizing such a wonderful wedding. Thanks for looking after us throughout the entire day.

Photography: Rosie Hardy, Rosie and Georgia are not just professional people and really talented photographers, but also a joy to work with. Thanks for making my job on the day so easy.

Florist: Le petit Jardin

The Venue? … Why did you choose this place above anywhere else?: We've always loved Italy - we love everything about it and if we could master the language and find work out there, I'm pretty sure we would move there tomorrow! Instead we will have to be happy with having holidays in Italy and we can't wait to take Oliver as he gets older. We love the people, the weather, the fact that wherever you turn it looks like a picture postcard and we LOVE LOVE LOVE the food and wine. We will never get enough of Italy! It will always be a special place to us. We just need to crack the language!

What are you excited for on the wedding day?: Seeing all of our favourite people in one place. We don't throw many parties to celebrate events for example our birthdays we usually just spend together. So, it will be lovely to celebrate in style in beautiful Tuscany with all of our closest people.

Why do you want to capture your wedding on video?: So we can look back and see things in real time, not just through stills of a photograph. It will be lovely to show our child/children! Even though Oliver will be around, he obviously won't remember the event so it will be so special to show him that he was at our wedding and is the next piece to our puzzle! Also, at the risk of sounding morbid, it will be lovely to capture the speeches on film. When our parents are no longer with us, it will be sp special to have video footage of them at the day, speaking at such a memorable time in our lives.

What experience do you want to give to your guests?: I want people to have fun, more than anything. I want people to relax and enjoy some time away. I prey we get some good weather as us Brits do deserve it! We so appreciate people taking time off work to come spend time at our wedding - it's so important to us that people know how much we appreciate that. We don't want things to feel too formal but we just want people to make new friends and enjoy the unique experience of a destination wedding in a lovely villa.

You guys?.… What do you do?.. .. What’s important in life?: We love our home and invest a lot of energy and time into it. It's so important to us both to have a home where we feel completely relaxed in and happy in. I can't explain why really, but it just is! Mike has a stressful job and it's just important for us that he can come home to a space that he enjoys. I'm a home bird too. As much as I love holidays, my favourite place is my home and that's why we're always making plans with our house.

Sorrento - Destination Wedding

In May I had the opportunity to work alongside a great videographer and fantastic guy, Paul Van, on my first destination wedding.

I had wanted to do this since I started working as a wedding videographer, but never had the opportunity.

I left home at 3 a.m. to catch a flight from Gatwick to Naples, and after a 3 hour bus journey from the airport, I finally arrived in Sorrento.

I dropped my luggage at the hotel, and I wondered around the streets of this beautiful place.

The big day was everything you would expect of a dream wedding with a fantastic backdrop of the Amalfi coast.

Looking at the sunset into the sea was a breathtaking way to end the day.

Little did I know that after 5 months from this incredible experience, I would have the chance to go on another adventure with Paul. Next stop, Marrakech, Morocco.

And now, I so look forward to filming my 2017 destination weddings booked so far in my homeland, Tuscany, Italy.

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