foyle park

Froyle Park Wedding Film // Katie & Stuart

Venue: Froyle Park

Photography: Motiejus

Why do you want to capture your wedding on video?

Emotion!! Stuart can never hold back the tears even if we are only watching the TV. Many people have placed bets on how many tears will be shed by him and his family, so beyond the tears and raw emotion I would you to capture all the heartfelt speeches and vows on the wedding party. It wont be easy capturing footage of Stuart not crying, but hopefully you will capture the moments of joy and excitement along with the tears!

The Venue? … Why did you choose this place above anywhere else?

We choose the venue as its simply beautiful, the historical buildings and the modern decor represent both stuart and I. We also wanted to get married in a Church close to the venue so our guest could walk and not have to drive. The benefit of bedrooms onsite means we can have lots of family and friends stay the night with us, and share stories and memories toegther in the monring